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If you want to take a dip into the past, you are in the right place.

Dear friends, welcome in Capua, home of the first official document extant in early Italian language (the so-called "Placito di Capua", dating back to 960 AD), found by abbot Gattola in the archives of the Monastery of Montecassino in 1734.

In the heart of the old town center, Palazzo Lanza is waiting for you, a few steps away from the University and the Grand Priory of the Order of Malta and a few kilometers from the town of Pastorano, whose countryside keeps the ruins of "Casa Lanza" the house where the historical Treaty that ended the Napoleonic decade in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, the so called “Trattato di Casa Lanza”, was signed, in 1815.Palazzo Lanza, which belongs to the Italian Historic Houses Association (ADSI), is the house of the homonymous patrician family since 1453, at least, as evidenced by a notarial deed from that time, preserved in the family archives: “… in parti domorum … sitarum Capue, in parrocchia ecclesie Sancti Rufi in Capua, iuxta viam publicam…”.

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